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The Main Characteristics of an Effective Essay: A Writing Tutorial

Writing any piece of work will follow a similar pattern using the introduction where you tell the reader what you are going to tell them, then tell the material and finally summarize what you just told them. But beyond these very basic bits of information there is a little be of additional help that can be provided to make your essay writing the most effective it can be. Here is a brief tutorial on composing this type of work that will make your end results the best they can be.

  • Catching introductory paragraph
  • First and foremost with every piece of writing that you will do throughout your life you need a catchy opening. The opening can use a reference to pop culture or famous story. It could also be a personal bit of information that ties to the subject matter. Pick a catchy opening and you will draw your reader in to the piece and make them want to keep reading.

  • Brief overview of the subject matter
  • The next step in composing this type of work is to give the work structure by developing over overview of the entire piece. This overview should be short and concise helping to give the reader a framework of what you are going to tell them and structure their thoughts as they go into the rest of the work.

  • Logical progression through the topic
  • The next consideration for your topic is to complete the body of the work itself. This should include and logical progression through the information you want to provide the reader and it point that you make should have supporting evidence and references as necessary. The best way to develop a topic is to ensure you have at least three points to ensure your argument or information is a sound as possible.

  • Summarize your points
  • The last consideration when composing an effective essay is to provide a summary of what you have just told your reader. Go through the main points briefly and then deliver the final message the reader should take away from what they read.

Use each of these tips from a catchy opening paragraph, outline the work, develop the topic and then finally summarize the main point. This brief tutorial are high level tips that anyone tasked with this work can use to be truly effective and provide high quality work.