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Writing A Great Reflective Essay With Ease

A reflective essay is an article written that explains a life experience of the writer. Once he has written about the experience, he will explain how he has changed or grown as a result of the experience. Reflective essays tend to make a reader think objectively about something very emotional that may have happened in his life. Many times when something emotional happens, a person can’t think past the immediate feelings. When you are forced to write it down, you can evaluate the situation better. You may be able to look at the experience from a different point of view. Sometimes it puts the experience into perspective so the writer can actually gain something positive out of it. A reflective essay has the same essential parts as most essays. There is an introduction, a body and a conclusion.

  • The introduction of a reflective essay is used to briefly explain the experience but don’t go into too much detail. Your goal of your introduction is to try to peak the curiosity of your reader. Just give the reader enough information so he wants to hear what happened. This part of the article should also tell the reader whether the resulting change was what was expected or not and whether the writer was better for having the experience. Usually the introduction doesn’t need to be longer than a paragraph.
  • The body of the article is used to explain the experience that the writer went through. Try to be very descriptive so the reader actually feels like he was there going through the experience with the writer. Then the author should tell the audience how he has changed as a result of the experience. This part can be as enlightening to the writer and it is to the reader. When you are objectively trying to tell someone how you changed, you may find something out about yourself you never knew. A good essay will give examples of how he changed to further make the audience understand. You want to try to prove that you have changed and the examples will do that.
  • The conclusion of a reflective essay briefly relates the experience again. He reiterates the change in himself as a result of the experience. It is here that the writer will evaluate whether the change was good or bad. He will also maybe look forward and offer how this change may affect his life in the future. Maybe he can describe how his quality of life will improve because of the experience. Another option he can do is look back in the past and explain how his life was worse before the experience and why. The reader may end up wanting to experience what you went through for himself. Depending on what you are writing about, you can either save a person from something harmful by telling him your story or you can excite the reader enough to make him want to experience story for himself. Reflective essays end up teaching both the writer and the reader something significant.