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22 Fresh Ideas For An Essay About Losing Someone You Love

Writing a personal essay about losing someone you love is often tricky. Most students do not know how much emotion they should put into the paper. In truth, you can write a fictional story if you want to. Your task is to meet the instructions of your professor, so select one of the following 22 fresh ideas and start composing a perfect paper.

Composing Your Assignment: Great Suggestions

You can write about your own experience if you have some. It is also a good idea to pick one of the essay topics below:

  1. Love and death: the sense of disconnection.
  2. Fear of losing a beloved person.
  3. A lose-lose situation: anger, anxiety, and depression after losing someone you love.
  4. Taking action to reduce the stress after your mate’s death: volunteering and helping others.
  5. The best ways to cope with loss, pain, and grief.
  6. Facing the loss: doing whatever seems natural.
  7. Sharing your feelings with others as a way to cope with your family member’s death.
  8. Memories vs. letting go: should you save things that remind you of your loved one?
  9. Fighting sadness: what helps you shift the focus towards happiness?
  10. Occupying yourself with tasks as a helpful way to deal with grief and regret.
  11. A religious relief: do you believe that a person you loved is still somewhere in the spiritual world?
  12. Time cures everything: allow yourself some time for emotional recovery.
  13. Feeling guilt for “not being sad enough”: do not postpone your happiness.
  14. Every person is different: how do others cope with loss?
  15. Letting your emotions out: crying, sharing with others, and doing hobbies.
  16. A painful grief: asking for professional assistance.
  17. Music and art as a smooth way to cope with the feelings of loss and pain.
  18. The danger of “if-only” thoughts: avoid such feelings and let them go.
  19. Pressure vs. patience: stick to the most natural way out.
  20. Be yourself: avoid proving your sadness to others.
  21. Keeping the sweet memories: let yourself some breaks.
  22. Writing a diary as the way of keeping track of your feelings.

Closing Advice

All the aforementioned suggestions are easy to write about. Either way, you should stay positive and remember that the world and other people in it are worth living for. You can tell a story of your friend who lost his or her loved person and mention some common mistakes to avoid in such a situation, like alcohol and drugs. Some inspirational quotes can add value to your essay and make it more interesting to the readers.