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A List Of Compare And Contrast Essay Topics On Religion

Religion is the core of existence for many people. The belief system includes the values by which an individual orders his or her life. Being asked to write an essay on religion opens a world of learning to you. It is the opportunity to review another belief system and evaluate it objectively. You are able to compare the values shared and note the differences two religions have. The following is a list of compare and contrast ideas from which you can choose an interesting title.

  • The Role of Women in Islam and Christianity.
  • Rites of Passage of the Buddhists and Hindus.
  • Does the afterlife differ between animists and Jews?
  • The Role of Parents in Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Families.
  • The Southern Baptist and Pentecostal Views of Salvation.
  • What Images and Religious Art mean in the Buddhist and Roma Catholic experience.
  • Marriage customs in the Islamic and Hindu traditions.
  • Zen Monks and Benedictine Monks.
  • War in the Koran and the Bible.
  • The Sermon on the Mount and the teachings of Buddha.
  • Moslem Angels and Christian Angels.
  • The role of God in everyday Moslem and Jewish Lives.
  • Heaven in the eyes of Christians and Jews.
  • Reincarnation among Hindus and Buddhists.
  • Christ and the Buddha. Similarity and Difference.
  • Reverence shown to Christian and Moslem shrines.
  • Christian and Buddhist Shrines: what is the same and what is not.
  • Christian monotheism and Hindu polytheism: what are the values?
  • Jewish Passover and Protestant Easter.
  • The concept of death between Jews and Moslems.
  • Roman Catholic Views on Science: Past and Present.
  • Religion in Southeast Asia.
  • The Beliefs of African tribesmen of Kenya.
  • Politics and Buddhists.
  • Reactions to Anti-Semitism among Christian denominations.
  • Moslem and Christian neighborhoods.
  • Social justice and Moslem sects.
  • Ritual sacrifice among American tribes.
  • Impact of modernity on Islam.
  • Children in the Buddhist and Jewish traditions.

You need to be careful as you construct the essay. This is not an opportunity to condemn or judge harshly some other religion. You are instead being asked to look at the evidence and see where there are contrasts or similarities. The assignment challenges your ability to be objective.

It furthermore provides an opportunity for you to look at other beliefs and find out more about them. The paper opens a window to other religions you were not able to look through before. By doing the research you come to know more about some other culture’s values. You will likewise develop a better understanding of your own.