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10 Thought-Provoking Essay Topics Related To Lord Of The Flies

Need ideas for a great essay topic on William Golding’s 1954 novel Lord of the Flies? Well, you don’t need to search any longer; we’ve got 10 thought-provoking topics that should make for a great essay:

  1. Consider the dead parachutist the boys find hanging from the trees. What might he symbolize to them and the reader? Is he anything more than what the beast and boys’ leader symbolize?
  2. Names and name-calling has an important function in the novel. Do you think Golding was alluding to other novels purposely as way to engage the reader and invite him or her to study other works?
  3. The conch shell and the sow’s head each hold an almost mystic power in the way the boys consider each one. How does the power bestowed on these objects differ in the way the boys react?
  4. Jack is intelligent in using the beast as a way to control the other boys by making it a common enemy, a common system of beliefs, and a common idol. How does he invoke each version to get the boys to respond differently and to his favor?
  5. How is the character, Piggy, used to by Golding to advance some of the novel’s themes? Consider three examples to back up your claims and show the ways in which Golding would have failed in using other characters to advance those themes as effectively.
  6. How effective are the conch shell and sow’s head important tools in the way one person is able to control a large group of boys? Does the person wielding that power actually believe in it or is he merely playing the role to manipulate the others?
  7. Compared to everyone else, Piggy is the character who has the most useful ideas and provides insight on how the boys can efficiently organize themselves. Why is he ignored and made fun of?
  8. How does Golding’s use of the beast as a mythological creature that establishes order and justifies Jack’s role as the dominant leader amongst the boys, a reflection of his views on religion and society?
  9. Write a comparison of the characters Simon and Ralph. Both come off to most readers as what you could call good characters. But some of their actions indicate that they will cast away their morals to keep safe, even if it means endangering others.
  10. A lot of early critics have said that Lord of the Flies is a kind of political allegory written in response to what was going on in the world at the time in which it was written. Do you think there is some validity to this claim?