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7 Things To Know About The Format Of A Response To Literature Essay

Students required to complete a response to literature content read will need to mention specific details that follow a unique format. The assignment itself is not complicated but it makes it easier to write when you know the basics of the essay format. After reading the content and taking notes on characters, setting, theme, and other details you want to mention, understanding proper format will bring your ideas together to help produce a good essay. Here are 7 things to keep in mind when formatting your essay response.

  1. You can find an example response essay to get an idea of how to format your work. Examples offer clear insight on what your paper should look like. They offer ideas on what to write about and give good details on how to develop content for your topic.

  2. Know each part or section of your essay and what details to discuss (introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion). Understanding parts the essay is made up of will give perspective of content to use for your topic. Each section will mention different pieces of information that work to support your main idea, argument or general idea you want to get across.

  3. Your thesis statement should be concise and solid while making a defined point. Few have difficulty developing this content since it needs to be a central statement. You can develop a draft idea and conduct light research to see if it is something you can work with.

  4. Know role of characters and how they standout; discuss changes they go through and they relate to the main idea. You may have favorite characters that stand out you can write about. You can also think about things from the author perspective.

  5. The evidence detailed in body paragraphs may include details associated with the theme and language expressed in the literature (interpret what you learned from the text). As you learn more about the content determine most significant details you have learned to help form the body of your work.

  6. Each body paragraph should have a supporting point connecting it to the main idea (offer detailed evaluation of text). Each paragraph should stand alone with a supporting point that is evidence for your main idea.

  7. The conclusion should summarize points and feature main points you want to leave a lasting impression.