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A List Of 12 Outstanding Essay Topics On Corruption For College Students

Are you working on your next essay on corruption? In that case, we have a dozen interesting ideas which may help you out. Provided that this is a highly controversial topic worldwide, there are endless possibilities to approach to this task. Therefore, you'd better read the following topics to find out which adapts better to your perspective.


  1. Should politicians be more severely punished for being proven corrupted? In some countries, politicians are forced to resign if they are accused of wrongdoing. Moreover, they are processed and severely punished if they have profited from their influences in order to get money illegally.
  2. The consequences of fraud in your country. What are the legal punishments for this kind of crimes? Do you know how the legal system works in your country? You should research about these issues to show the readers the most relevant facts.
  3. How does bribery affect the average citizen in his/her daily life? Think or research about the consequences that arise from people stealing money that otherwise could have been used in the benefit of the rest of the citizens.
  4. Measures to avoid fraud in the governments and enhance honesty. What are the authorities doing to prevent these kind of misbehaviours? You can check the latest measures in this regard out online.
  5. How to minimize the impact of corrupted politicians in the past. What do you think that they should do in order to make it impossible for anyone to commit fraud?
  6. Why are people corrupted: is it all about money and power? People do silly things for money. Is this some sort of mental disease that poisons our minds?
  7. Is it true that having more money enhances crime? Rich people want to make more money. However, does this condition favour some wrongdoings?
  8. Electronic measures that deal with exploitation automatically. Nowadays, security is enhanced by a series of electronic devices. Summarize some of these measures for the audience.
  9. Top ten countries that have extortion in their government all over the world.
  10. The reasons why people should not support nepotism. It jeopardizes everyone's well-fare.
  11. Making another world possible: how to get rid of malfeasance in the future.
  12. The threat to democracy: exploitation of the citizens by the authorities. This is a grave issue that threatens any democratic government.