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Good Essay Topics For Middle School: 20 Unique Examples

When you are in middle school, nothing seems interesting enough. You would rather play outside with your friends than work on your essays for school. Besides, you are having a hard time finding a good topic; all topics are either too simple or too complicated, or they are easy to explore. Well, the good news is that there are many subjects that you can write about. Take a look at these unique examples:

  1. Marijuana as an anti-depressant. Do you think that teenagers should be allowed to smoke Marijuana?
  2. Driving without license.
  3. Changing your religion. Did you ever think about doing this?
  4. Teenage pregnancy. How can we prevent this from happening?
  5. Bullying among children. Does this happen in your school?
  6. Uniforms. Present the advantages and disadvantages.
  7. Discrimination in schools. Did you ever witness something like this?
  8. Electric cars. Is this the future of transportation?
  9. Freelancing. Would you consider a freelance career in the future?
  10. Clones. Is it moral to create clones in the laboratory?
  11. Smart phones and teenagers. Is it true that smart phones can make teenagers addicted to technology? For how long can you stay without yours?
  12. Imagine you would be the principal of your school for one day. What changes would you make?
  13. Petrol exploitation. Can this affect the planet on long term?
  14. Privacy on Social Media. We are used to post pictures and private information on the Internet. Can this affect our future? Is it dangerous for children?
  15. Police abuse. Police is there to protect us, but very often we hear about cases of police abuse.
  16. Books or e-books? If you are searching for a fun, light subject then this is it.
  17. Your idol in life. You can talk about a friend, a professor or even your parent. Explain why do you admire this person.
  18. Therapy for depressed teenagers. Do you think that this should be offered in school? Do you have a psychologist in school than can deal with depressed student?
  19. Fast-food. In many families children are allowed to eat fast-food from a very young age. Should these parents be considered irresponsible? Are they endangering the life of their children without realizing it?
  20. Divorce. This might be a sensitive issue for some of your colleagues, so be careful what you write.