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11 Great Topics For An Argumentative Essay About Animals In Zoos

As a matter of fact, every student, irrespective of the level of study, should be able to compose an argumentative essay topic about animals in a zoo. This however, takes great courage and time for one to polish on such skills. If you want to be the best writer, consider the following important aspects prior to looking at the sampled titles below.

  • Your topic should pass a “yes” or “no” test
  • As the name says it all, an argumentative essay is not a matter of a simple yes or no response. It should elicit a debate both to the writer and the readers such that each has different opinions to present. To achieve this, one should have conducted a prior research on animals in zoos and should also have looked at materials crafted by other competent writers. Let your composition raise questions such as “why?”, and “how?”

  • Research
  • It is a wise idea to carry out an exploration of the given topic before you can craft your own. There are multiple sources that give information about animals in a menagerie both in soft copy and hard copy form. You should be able to select those that are competent in order to come up with a pertinent piece of summarized data.

  • Ensure that you answer the question asked
  • The main focus of the topic composed should be on the subject matter. If it fails to meet this condition, then consider yourself irrelevant. As soon as you get the question, go through the instructions that accompany it and note down the main things that the lecturer wants you to include when forming the heading. Assemble all the appropriate terminologies and incorporate them.

The following are the 11 great topics one can write about:

  1. Is confining wild animals in a zoo a legalized animal cruelty?
  2. Does confining wild animals in a zoo an effective way of protecting the endangered animal species?
  3. Harmless animals should not be confined in a zoo.
  4. People should be legalized to interact with animals when they visit the zoo for exhibition.
  5. Zoos only benefit the viewers but not the animals.
  6. Animal zoos subject them to harmful mental distress and people are unethically naïve
  7. Animals that feed on prey such as cheetahs and lions should not be brought into captivity.
  8. Animals in zoos should not be used for research.
  9. All the zoos should be banned globally.
  10. Employing zoos has been unsuccessful for some animal species.
  11. Zoos help in animal conservation