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The Top 30 Controversial Essay Topics To Choose From

Choosing the topic for your essay can at times be way harder than writing the actual essay. Think about it. An essay has a clear format for you to follow whereas topics, well, they can be about just about anything can’t they? Pick a topic that is too simple and you are branded a lightweight. Choose one too difficult and you could easily fall into the trap of failing to nail it. So, to make life just that little bit easier and bearable for you. Here’re the top 30 controversial essay topics to choose, by us:

  • Should doctors be allowed to prescribe minors emergency contraception without the knowledge or consent of their parents?
  • Should convicted pedophiles and murderers be sent into space with no option to return?
  • Should convicted pedophiles and rapists be automatically chemically castrated upon their first conviction?
  • If a minor accidentally fires a weapon should their parents be automatically prosecuted?
  • Should politicians be forced to swap their luxury homes for life in a trailer park for one month to understand the implications of their policies?
  • Can single parents really be both mother and father to their children and do they need to be?
  • Is there any evidence to suggest that businesses do discriminate against women when they inform them that they are pregnant?
  • Should cash payments be banned in favor of electronic payments?
  • Do lotteries and scratch cards just feed upon the vulnerable? Should there be a limit as to how many lottery tickets or scratch cards that you can buy?
  • Should people who continually fall into debt be forced to go to rehabilitation?
  • When is a sex offence not a sex offence?
  • Should the British police carry weapons as standard?
  • Do family law courts still award custody overwhelmingly to the mother? Are dads being prejudiced against?
  • Are politicians entitled to a private life?
  • Should there be caps as to how many times you can post daily on Social media?
  • Do parents have the right to monitor their children’s social media accounts?
  • Should televisions be removed from all prisons and correctional facilities?
  • Should patients be allowed to take their own bedding into hospital?
  • Who should get the final say when it comes to burial or cremation – Deceased, their family or the state?
  • Should all international aid be scrapped?
  • Would a cautionary strike on Russia halt their incursions into countries like Ukraine?
  • If the West hadn’t removed the likes of Saddam Hussain and Gadaffi would ISIS have the grip that it has now?
  • Do parents have the right to impose a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle on their kids?
  • Should blood sports be banned?
  • In another twenty years will there be any safe places to vacation or will terror attacks be likely anywhere?
  • Will increased terror attacks make people more inclined to vacation in their native country?
  • Does America have a vested interest in preventing Greece from leaving the Eurozone?
  • Will America’s “Special relationship” with Britain be affected if the majority of Brits vote to leave the EU in their upcoming referendum? Will the decision be controversial?
  • Is suicide justified or the ultimate act of selfishness?
  • Should countries really intervene if one parent takes their kids abroad and doesn’t return?