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23 Good Cause And Effect Essay Topics About Unemployment

A cause and effect essay is research, in which you show how two or more phenomena are connected with each other and happen as a result of each other. If you are told to compose an essay that is dedicated to the cause and effect of unemployment, your main task is to find a good interesting topic that will help you discover the subject perfectly.

Where to Find Good Essay Topics

You should search for a cause and effect essay topics on the Internet and in libraries. There are numerous online resources that offer a great selection of interesting ideas. Check out the list below, too.

  1. Unemployment and violation of human rights as the main causes of illegal immigration.
  2. Unemployment as a logical consequence and effect of cheating while studying and poor skills.
  3. Big population as one of the causes of unemployment in Asian countries.
  4. No attractive working conditions and payment as a cause of unemployment.
  5. No desire to work to the favor of doing nothing and living on social benefits as a cause of unemployment.
  6. The very first job loss that causes frustration and further unemployment.
  7. The lack of professional skills that is seen in young post-graduates who search for a job as a cause of their temporary or permanent unemployment.
  8. A workplace injury as a cause of a job loss and further unemployment.
  9. A decrease of obsolete jobs as a cause of temporary or complete unemployment.
  10. The changes in the demand growth that cause unemployment in certain spheres.
  11. Popular professions and overproduction of specialists in a certain trendy sphere that causes a lack of working places in this sphere.
  12. Social crimes as an effect of a job loss.
  13. Problems with finding a good job or a job loss as a cause of suicide.
  14. Unemployment as a moving force of social revolutions.
  15. Unemployment as a cause of the Great Depression.
  16. The loss of professional skills and decrease of the professional value as a result of long unemployment.
  17. Unemployment today and no chance of finding a good job tomorrow: the cause and effect connections.
  18. The decrease of the gross national product as a result of unemployment.
  19. Creation of specialized social institutions as an unemployment effect.
  20. Creation of additional working places in the state sphere of the economics as an effect of unemployment.
  21. Governmental support in regaining professional qualification and skills as a result of unemployment.
  22. The growth of sickness and death rate as a result of unemployment and poor financial provision.
  23. Social expenses on the education and the unemployment rate.