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How To Create An Effective Outline For A Visual Analysis Essay

In this world, every image claims something purposely. Each and every painting or picture has some idea which shows the purpose of the artist as well as the type of audience, for whom the artist had drawn that particular painting.

The painting itself shows the way it was composed during its time. All of them are related to some historical backgrounds. You can analyze it by observing the painting very carefully. So the visual analysis essay is the writing to write the meaning of the images. It is mainly done by the students of Art History.

The observation consists of the description of the image. You may discuss about the way it is put together. You job is to take out the meaning of the picture, and also the meaning interpreted by the audience at that time. But to make an effective outline for your essay, you need to know the following:

Steps to create an outline

  • At first, there will be an introduction where you have to find out the basic facts about the art. Describe the painting in such a way, that the readers can see it. Tell about how the image was created or the purpose of the artist. Give some interesting facts. Talk about some controversial things over the topic.
  • In this part, you have to write the whole thesis, that means, the research work or rather observation about the painting. Here also you have to mention the meaning of the image vividly.
  • Try to support your statement with 3 or more ideas. The more you will give statements about the writing, the more you can present your work appreciable. Try to prove that your statements are good enough to claim the points which they want to provide to the audience.
  • Never end your writing with just repetitive thesis statements. Try something new. Conclude your work with a final statement like you can compare the image with the other similar image. You also can compare the ideas of yours and the reception of the painting by the audience. Visualize on what the artist would think about his art and paintings and what will be his point of view over the years. You can also provide suggestion on how the piece of art gets fitted into the works of an artist or whether it can be used as an ad campaign of a company.