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Where To Search For A Top-Quality Example Of An Essay Describing A Person

The descriptive essay can be kind of tricky when the subject is a person. Many students fail at this type because they use a physical description of the person and add in three or four personality traits. The key to writing this piece is to show, not tell. An example essay can show you how a writer can accomplish that feat.

Finding a top-quality descriptive piece

When looking for your well-written example, there are actually several options open to you. An online search can yield a great deal of choices, but it’s a good idea to know which ones you can trust and which you should pass by.

Legitimate sources for examples include:

  • Education websites, such as schools, colleges and universities. They usually end in the .edu extension, which is a good indication you can trust what they post. Example pieces are posted in order to give students some assistance in seeing what is expected from their own written piece.

  • Your teacher may have some example papers on hand. All you have to do is inquire. If your teacher doesn’t have any, perhaps another teacher in the faculty would. It’s worthwhile to ask around.

  • The school or local library may have books about writing descriptive pieces, along with examples to show you how it’s done.

  • Online writing sites may post examples. Be very picky about which ones you trust because anyone can post anything online. You need a way to verify that it’s legitimate and not just a low-quality piece. You can contact the site and ask questions; you can also look for a site that sells examples for a low fee. Another option is to hire a writer to create an example for you.

How to use your example

Once you’ve located a good example, what do you do next? First of all, read through it and get a good feeling for it. How smooth was the writing? How easy was it to read? Did it capture your attention? Did the author do a good job in the description of a person? Did the author try to paint a picture with his words to show you rather than use words to just tell you? In other words, how vibrant and alive were the descriptive techniques?

These are all things you should look for and then incorporate into the piece you create. That’s what an example is for.