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The Top 27 Historical Narrative Essay Topics Worth Discussing

In the event that you are taking up a history class, there are some things that you will need to pay attention to in as far as writing a narrative essay is concerned. One of the most important parts of your work will certainly be the topic that you choose. A good topic will help you score more marks because it can grab the attention of the teacher without you having to struggle in the process. The following are some interesting essay topics that you can consider for your narrative:

  1. Discuss the reasons why the Soviet Union collapsed
  2. Write a narrative essay discussing the events that transpired during the witch trials in Salem
  3. Explain the consequences of the 1919 Treaty of Versailles
  4. The missile crisis in Cuba in the early 1960s elicited lots of explanations worldwide. Discuss some of them
  5. Explain the results of the agreement between Stalin and Hitler
  6. Discuss how the course of the World War II was changed with the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor
  7. Explain some of the changes that have taken place in the growth of opium
  8. Explain the role that politics has played in the work of Shakespeare
  9. Could there be any possible way to justify the atomic bombs that were dropped on Japan in World War II?
  10. Discuss the changes that were brought about with the Roman invasion of Britain
  11. Discuss how the Catholic Church led the European contingent in the Middle Ages
  12. Explain the operation of the patronage system during the Renaissance
  13. Some commented in the past that the Dark Ages were a period of cultural regression away from Europe. Discuss
  14. Explain how small pox influenced the colonization of the Americas
  15. Distinguish the role of the serfs in Russia and the peasants in Europe
  16. Explain how Buddhism changed the Chinese empire
  17. Greek history was molded by geography. Discuss
  18. Explain how the first World War influenced the start of the second one
  19. Discuss some of the factors that led to the rise of William the Conqueror as the King of England
  20. Discuss some factors that brought about the first ever economic downturn in the US in 1819
  21. Discuss the importance of Tokugawa shogunate in Japan
  22. Explain why the generation after the World War I was often referred to as the lost generation
  23. Discuss the importance of the Golden Age in Western Civilization
  24. Discuss the role that the Medieval Canon Law played in influencing marriages
  25. Discuss the elements of the Communist Manifesto according to Karl Marx
  26. Why did the Christmas Truce in World War II happen?
  27. Discuss how slavery and slave rebellions influenced the history of Jamaica