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Ideas For Composing A Creative Title For An Essay On Orwell's 1984

George Orwell has been one of the most literary acclaimed authors of all time. So many of his books have been featured in different learning institutions at some point in time, and this explains the main reason why a lot of people find it easier to relate to his work. There are so many students out there who actually love the books and stories that he writes, and 1984 is one of them. As long as you are taking a literature course, there is a good chance that you will find yourself in a position where you have to study and write one or two papers about some of the work that he has done so far.

When you have been asked to write a paper on 1984, the first challenge that you have to overcome is to come up with a good title for your work. There is nothing more important than this. Remember that if you choose a good topic, you will have already made things easier for the teacher in terms of awarding you the marks that you desire. Therefore take some time and think about the topic that you want to present for this work and everything will turn out just fine.

The following are a number of options that you have so far in as far as this task is concerned, ideas that will help you score some good marks for this work:

  • Discuss the writer’s concept of death and human heritage, according to the ideas of Winston Smith
  • Discuss any three themes that stand out in the first three chapters of the book 1984
  • War is peace and freedom is slavery. Discuss this concept according to the context of 1984
  • The first chapter of the second part of the book closes with Winston watching something. Discuss this and explain how it applies to the book
  • Explain how the writer uses his unique style of writing to portray some of the ills of the society that we live in today.
  • Compare and contrast the books 1984 and Animal Farm written by the same author, laying an emphasis on the societal issues that they describe
  • Discuss the differences between the structure and operation of a totalitarian government as portrayed in the book 1984, and the government that we have in place today, citing any benefits thereof.