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Tips On How To Avoid Scam Using Online Homework Assistance

To make your and your children's life easier, online homework assistance is readily available and all you need to do is to register your details, type of requirement and the help will come your way without much ado. However, with a number of pros, online homework help service comes with a few cons as well, you might be bluffed or fall prey to fraud if you are not careful.

Here are a few ways that you must follow to prevent online scam after your child asks, ‘how to do my homework’:

  1. Check the credibility of the website- It is imperative to make checking the credibility of the website the first step. Check if the website you have chosen is the official website or not. If yes, then proceed and use this company’s services.
  2. Try to find out the profiles of the guides and writers- Any honest website would share the profiles of their guides and employees with public so that you can choose the person you deem fit for your job. If you see that the profiles aren't given or sense something shady, do not choose that website.
  3. Create a long password- Make sure that the password you have created is a long and unique one that no one can guess.
  4. Change your password regularly- Change your password frequently. Don't keep your account dormant for long.
  5. Use and Update your anti-virus regularly- Using a certified anti-virus is an absolute rule while seeking online help. Not only you have to install a good anti-virus system but also update it regularly to avoid online scams.
  6. Updating the Web browser- It is always advisable to update your Web browser (chrome, Internet Explorer etc. are examples of Web browsers) regularly because latest versions always have better security options.
  7. Check the link- Before proceeding with the payment; make sure the link of the website is secure.
  8. Be careful about sharing your information- A proper website will never ask for more information than required. For example, never share your password or user id.
  9. Carefulness while making payments- Be alert while making payments. A little trick here, use an account which doesn't have much amount of money in store so that even if you fall into trouble, you do not lose a lot of money.
  10. Keep your information as private as possible- Never share information with anyone else but you. Only a trusted person can know your details but be careful.
  11. Usage of the firewall- Keep your firewall switched on to keep the scammers at bay as it is a security service.

Online help is a blessing for all of us until we fall into the trap of cyber-crime. We must be careful while handling things online. Prevention, always, is better than cure.