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How To Write An Essay In An Hour: Useful Instructions For Dummies

Are you trying to get your assignment out of the way as soon as possible, or do you have a deadline around the corner that requires a completed essay paper? There are many students often in a jam at the last minute and need to get their papers written quickly. Fortunately there is a way to help you focus on your assignment and get a paper completed in just an hour. Consider the following tips to get started.

  • Choose a Topic You Know and Write Down Notes
  • The best way to write a paper in a short amount of time is to determine a topic that requires little research. Take notes based on what you know. If you need to do research, have an idea of reputable sources to consider for data collection. You may be able to collect enough information to write a full paper without wasting time.

  • Develop a Basic Outline for Your Topic
  • An outline helps organize notes you collected. This gives an idea of where discussion points and other ideas will appear on your paper. The outline helps you develop a direction to take your ideas and thoughts. As you learn more about your topic you have something to help you organize and structure data. This will also help you write your paper faster since information will be broken into sections based on how they will appear in the final paper.

  • Use Outline to Write Paper
  • After collecting details for your topic and using the outline to organize your findings, start writing. At this point you are developing your rough draft. Review your outline and start from the beginning. Details in your outline may be words or incomplete sentences (notes). Now you are working to make this content complete sentences and paragraphs.

  • Revise Content and Check Guidelines
  • Writing an essay in an hour is possible when you use your time wisely. If your topic is easy to write making revisions and reading over your content will not take long. As you finish your rough draft check guidelines and make sure your paper will meet them. You can make changes as you improve content structure. Make sure there are no errors or mistakes in your typing. Read your paper from start to finish ensuring it makes logic sense before submission.