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8 Fundamental Rules Of Writing A Persuasive Argumentative Essay

When you persuade, you want others to agree with you. One method of persuasion is argumentation. In a formal paper main points support the idea. Those main points are argued, or in other words, supported by solid, credible, and valid support. This support can come from experts, professors, authors, politicians, scientists, and whomever else you can find academic support from as you research. Use these 8 fundamental rules as you compose your persuasive argumentative essay.

8 Fundamental Rules

  1. Pick a current topic that has enough support. Some current topics are so new that they do not have enough academic support to prove the point.
  2. Pick three to five ideas that will be a part of your thesis statement. As you consider each of them, look and research to see if there is the appropriate amount of documentation.
  3. Always gather more research than you will ever need. It will mean that you do not have to stop in the middle of the piece to go back and gather even more research. The data collection is very important to the process.
  4. As you research you will evaluate the information your gather. This information will help you to take your stand on the subject. You can conduct your own case studies and surveys if you wish. If you do not have time, then you can use any that others might have created.
  5. Experts in the field will tell you that there are three main strategies for this type of piece. You can use pathos, logos, or ethos. Pathos is a strong appeal to the audience’s emotions. Logos will center on a logical and sane argument. Then ethos will appeal to your ethics and your sense of what is right. You can use some, two, or all of these three strategies in your piece.
  6. You will need to include intext citations and a bibliography. These items are necessary when you use different types of support that come from sources other than yourself.
  7. If you get in over your head and fall behind in this piece, do not hesitate to contact a professional to help you. You can employ a freelance writer, a tutor, or a professional writing company for assistance. Many students use a professional source for help.
  8. Have fun as you write. If you are allowed to pick your own topic, this will be easier to do. You can pick a subject that you are interested in rather than one you do not care about. Have fun as you compose this piece.