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Tips For Students: An Outline Of How To Write A Comparative Essay

You probably didn’t think when you began student life that there would be so many different kinds of essay to write. Each format needs to be tackled in a very different way. The good news is that once you have nailed the format writing it is often a doddle in contrast. So, for the purposes of this article I am going to focus on offering you some tips on how to write a comparative essay.

  • What is a comparative essay?
  • As the title suggests the purpose is for you to compare two or more things in a clear, concise manner. On the grand scale of things most students find this one of the easier ones to write. However, it helps if you understand upfront what makes a good one in the first instance.

    So, just how do you write a great comparative essay that will grab the attention of your teacher?

  • Understand what you are being asked to compare
  • Sometimes you will have the option of choosing the things that will form the basis of your work, on other occasions your teacher will set them for you. There are pros and cons to both. Some students can struggle to come up with relevant items whereas on the flip side if you suddenly find yourself landed with a nightmare scenario you might instinctively retreat into trench mentality. It is critical that you take some time out to ensure that you understand your task.

  • Write the core part first
  • Rather than start at the beginning, I always find it better to start with the middle before you even think about writing your introduction. If you can nail the actual comparisons then you are more likely to heave a sigh of relief and give the introduction and conclusion the attention that they deserve.

  • Don’t compare for comparing’s sake!
  • It is easy to get overly-enthusiastic and start looking for comparisons that don’t exist. Stick to the scope of your work and you shouldn’t encounter too many difficulties.

  • Give equal weight to each item
  • This is VERY important! Your comparative essay should be unbiased and balanced. The only way to achieve this is by placing equal significance on each of the items that are open to comparison. To do otherwise, will result in a significantly lower grade than you might otherwise have anticipated.