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How Do You Write An Argumentative Essay On Homeschooling?

An increasing number of parents are now opting for home schooling over sending their children to school for regular studies. There are a quite a few reasons to the same. Some people have been looking at it from one point and there are several others who have taken adversely to the same. If you are looking to develop the perfect paper on the subject, it has to be an argumentative one.

There is some strange courtship between the argumentative genre and controversial topics like home schooling of children and elders. The great thing about using the argumentative for to exploit such topics is that you will be able to throw some light on almost every aspect around the topic. Here are some points that you will need to consider as a whole.

  • Home versus school
  • This is an age old debate that finds really no proper answer other than a lot of deliberation between child psychologists and subject experts on home schooling. But the fact remains that there are several things about the home that school cannot offer. There are also several things in school which may not be offered in the home.

  • Possible benefits of home schooling
  • The reason for the popularity of home schooling is because several parents can identify with the benefits of it. There are several people who relate to some of the following benefits of home schooling:

    • Parents can take care of every aspect of the child’s schooling
    • There is no fear of bullying by other students
    • The child does not endure the regular risks of schooling
    • Parents are often better teachers than the professionals

  • Possible disadvantages of home schooling
  • While there are several things that might be responsible when looking at the subject, you will have to understand that there are also some disadvantages to home schooling. Here are some you may include in the

    • Lack of community participation
    • Development of ‘soft’ children
    • Children do not get to learn from different dynamic teachers

  • Why are so many parents opting for it?
  • There are many reasons people are opting for the concept of home schooling. What you need to mention in the paper in particular is that parents are increasingly growing fearful of bullying and that is taking a toll on the children as well.

Home schooling is also a safer and more affordable option compared to regular schooling. This is one of the best things that you may write about in the essay.