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How Do I Write A Strong Narrative Essay About My First Day At School?

A narrative essay is often used to describe a particular topic in a story -like way. For example, you may wish to describe a particular event or experience that you have had; however, a narrative paper can also be used to describe events or occurrences that haven’t happened to you, but happen to other people. Furthermore, you do not even need to describe actual events that have happened, but can use this style for fictional stories as well.

A good topic for a narrative essay, particularly if you are learning how to use this style of academic writing, is to write about your first day at school - as long as you can remember it. Of course, if you are still relatively young, then you will probably remember your first day of school quite well. However, if you are an older student, then you may struggle to remember all of the details of your first day of school. If this is the case, then you may need to be creative with your imagination, so as to ensure that you provide enough detail in your paper so as to be of interest to anyone reading it, even if some of those details are not strictly true, but have instead been exaggerated or embellished.

The opening of your paper

As part of an introduction to your narrative essay it can be a good idea to inform the reader about the topic that you will be discussing, which, in this case, will be your first day at school. To give them a bit of background, you may wish to tell them how old you were, what year it was, what the name of the school was, and where the school was located.

It is worth noting that you do not necessarily need to go into too much detail in the introduction, as the body section can be used to provide more information and details about your first day at school.

Creating the right kind of mood

On your first day of school, you probably had a range of different emotions. For example, you might have been excited about the new experience that lay ahead; however, you may also have been nervous, whilst wondering what to expect. As a result, it can be a good idea to try and explain any emotions or feelings that you remember having, so as to create the right kind of mood and set the scene properly.