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Writing Fundamentals: What Is An Opinion Essay Format?

There are quite a few options to choose when you are creating an opinion essay but you should remember the basics sometimes. Despite having a lot of freedom in the word selection, some common outlines are the best option when you are not too experienced in this kind of writing tasks. Read more in order to discover the regular formats for this kind of essays.

4-paragraph format

In this approach, you are meant to use the first paragraph to introduce the topic. In addition, you are meant to give your own opinion, as well. What's more, you should avoid any ambiguous statement, as you are supposed to show agreement or disagreement with the main premise. In the following two paragraphs, you should expose one opinion to support your point of view in each one. Last, you use the ending paragraph to summarize the main ideas in the article and present your insight by using other words.

Useful advice in this kind of essays

The following cues will provide you the correct approach to an opinion article:

  • Use topic sentences to introduce each paragraphs, especially the body paragraphs in the text.
  • Avoid writing about the pros and cons, just focus on the main premises that you support; it is not a compare and contrast article.
  • Use the formal style in the whole document.
  • Do not use short forms in the text.
  • Avoid emotive vocabulary and personal examples, it is better to use the third-person style.

Useful expressions

In this kind of documents, you are supposed to mix the correct expressions to improve the communication process. For instance, you should enhance the importance of your perspective by using “in my opinion”, “personally”, “I believe”, etc. Avoid using the same expression in the same paragraph more than once as a general rule in order to make the text richer in vocabulary.

Third-person narration is preferred when you want a formal approach to the text. In this regard, you could start sentences by using expressions like “It is believed that...”, “It is of common belief...” and so on. Those expressing facts are very useful to introduce new ideas in the essay. In addition, you will make good use of expression like “my main reason...”, “one reason for... is...” and other similar structures in order to introduce your perspective.