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Fresh Ideas For Writing A Response Essay On Brave New World

Writing papers on books is a fairly unique skill—not only does it require you to be able to write the paper well, but it also requires that you are able to pull out the important points of a book and synthesize your ideas about those points into a compelling and cohesive argument. For a book like Brave New World, which as a very strong theme and message to it, and a lot of underlying context, this can add an extra layer of challenge.

Follow these fresh ideas on how to write a great response essay about Brave New World:

  • Read other papers about the book
  • One of the most valuable things you can do is to read other analysis papers about the paper. You can either do this by searching in academic journals, or by reading papers written by other students or professional writers. Check out this company to find papers like this. Reading these papers will not only give you ideas for topics, they’ll give you some great ideas of specific points to make or help you to understand a certain passage more clearly.

  • Compare aspects of Brave New World to historical events or societies
  • One of the easiest ways to craft a response paper is to use a comparison to draw out points about the book. For most students comparing the book to something that they already know a lot about and that may even be personal to them is not only the easiest option, it is the most interesting approach. One way to do this is to compare some aspect of the society in Brave New World to a society or event in the past. This could be anything from Nazi occupation to Soviet communism, to hippy communes. This comparison should show how they are similar, and how they are different. Think of it as an analogy to help your reader understand more about the book, and to show that you understand lots about it too.

  • Compare aspects of Brave New World to the present
  • Similarly to above, you can also compare the society in the book to society in the present. Again, try to show how they are similar and different.

  • Compare aspects of Brave New World to your vision of the future
  • This approach can be more difficult because you are using an abstraction for your comparison, make sure you aren’t making things too confusing with this.