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List Of 22 Questions You Can Investigate In A US History Essay

The history of the United States is, no doubt, one of the most interesting recent history studies in existence. Since the United States is a relatively new nation, most of its early stages are well documented, giving you access to one of the most detailed accounts of historical events that can be viewed today.

Essay writing is a major aspect of academics and there are always new ideas to explore, or questions to answer. The key when looking for essay topic ideas is to let loose, don't think or try too hard and you may be the person that composes the next trending story. Consider the following questions to investigate in an essay about US history:

  1. Why is the event of the George Washington and the cherry tree so significant in historical anecdotes?
  2. Why is president Abraham Lincoln so revered by Americans?
  3. What was the main reason for prohibition laws against whiskey?
  4. How do present Americans justify the way their forefathers treated native peoples?
  5. What impact did cattle farming have on the industrial development of the US?
  6. Did the wealth gained by individuals in the gold rush play any role in the development of the US?
  7. Why was billy the kid considered to be one of the most dangerous outlaws on the wild west?
  8. How did Americans deal with the abolishing of slavery?
  9. How do the acts committed during white power movements affect American society today?
  10. What are the most significant changes to be made as a result of the laws that came from the events surrounding the Boston Tea party?
  11. What was the proposal made by the Union armies during the civil war?
  12. Could the first Continental Congress have been more successful in its directives?
  13. What caused the escalation of tensions between the colonies and great Britain?
  14. What are the events surrounding the boycott of the British?
  15. What events prompted the deployment of British forces, during the year 1775?
  16. What did the redcoats meet after they entered Lexington?
  17. What were the greatest fears of the representatives from the middle colonies during the debates?
  18. How was Washington able to quell protests against his appointments as commander in chief of the states?
  19. Why were so many patriots eager to declare independence, despite the heavy casualties resulting from the wars?
  20. How did congress respond to their knowledge of the Prohibitory act, issued by Britain?