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List Of Strong College Essay Topics On Fashion And Style

Fashion and style have become a part of life. It not only symbolizes personality but also enhances the confidence within an individual. Fashion can not only be represented by the clothes one wear but also the footwear, accessories, makeup and so on.

Fashion has grown big so much so that there are full time courses offered by educational institutional as a degree program. The growing fashion industry has inspired young people to pursue fashion as their career. There are various programs offered by these institutes under fashion studies. This graduate level program is no different from the academic course.

And, even these students have to write essays on various topics pertaining to their respective course. These topics not only help students to brainstorm to get best of ideas but also help them develop thesis and analyze their subject better. This will also help them to understand the dynamics of the career they have chosen.

Few of those insightful college essay topics on fashion and style have been mentioned below:

  • Fashion today- an evolution or replication?
  • The influence of history on clothing trend
  • Environmental damage caused by using materials in field of fashion
  • Fashion and trends prevalent in various countries and how they differ from each other
  • Influence of color and music on fashion
  • Workplace safety requirements in the fashion industry
  • Corporate espionage in the field of fashion
  • White collar crimes committed in the field of fashion
  • Is fashion industry being exploited?
  • Present condition of fashion industry. What should be done to improve it?
  • Influence of celebrities on fashion.
  • Ethics of Fashion Business
  • The evolution of fashion and style from the 20th century
  • How has the recent fashion statement been inspired from the 20th century fashion?
  • Advanced Garments Manufacturing
  • Contribution of Indian fashion market to the international fashion label
  • Deciding on the brand name for your fashion label
  • How the emerging markets ruling the apparel market
  • How will local brands make its presence felt where luxury brands are ruling the market?
  • Growing demand for intimate apparel.
  • Evolving fabric trends and designs in the intimate wear industry
  • Role of innovation and creativeness in fashion industry
  • Is social media responsible for increasing consciousness of fashion and style amongst people?
  • Is fashion and style waste of time and money?
  • Convertible clothing: getting rid of fashion stereotypes
  • The above mentioned is just a brief list. It can hugely be expanded.