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15 Great Ideas For Writing A Descriptive Essays About A Place

In high school and college English classes, professors will often assign descriptive essays about a specific place. While some professors require students to right about a childhood home or another specific site, other teachers let students pick the place that they write about. For ideas about descriptive essay topics, students can turn to the following list.

  1. Romance
  2. Students can write about the location where they met a current boyfriend or girlfriend. If the student is married, they could write about the location where the proposal took place.

  3. A Childhood Home
  4. For a nostalgic approach, students can discuss their childhood home or any events that occurred at the home.

  5. Vacation Hot Spots
  6. Everyone loves to share vacation photos from their trip, and this idea allows students to write about their favorite travel destination.

  7. Cultural Sites
  8. Students who have a favorite museum or art gallery can discuss their favorite cultural destination in the essay.

  9. Live Music Events
  10. For concert goers, a paper about the location of a live music event can be a thrilling, engaging topic.

  11. An Entire City
  12. Instead of focusing on a single building or site, students can look at an entire city. They may want to write about all of the beaches, clubs and destinations within a city like Miami.

  13. Historical Locations
  14. To make the writing process easier, students can look at a historical location like the battlefield at Gettysburg or the Auschwitz prison complex. In addition to being an unusual topic, these ideas are easy to write about because students can incorporate aspects of history.

  15. A Current Home
  16. If the other topics do not feel quite right, students can always write about their current home or dwelling.

  17. Focus on Homelessness
  18. To put an unusual spin on this paper, students could write about a location or city from the view of a homeless person. How does a perception of a place change based on the individual's personal circumstances?

  19. Pick a Favorite
  20. One of the most common topics or this type of writing is a favorite place. For this topic, students must choose their favorite location from the past or present.

  21. Write About a Family Member's Home
  22. For a nostalgic, heartrending paper, students can discuss the home of a loved one who has passed away. They can discuss how they felt at the home and the different items in the home that represent their loved one.

  23. In the Dog House
  24. For a humorous approach, students can write about unusual locations like a dog house or bird house and the residents of the location.

  25. A Favorite Restaurant
  26. Students can also write about their favorite restaurant. How does it look? What types of foods are served?

  27. A Panoramic Approach
  28. Instead of a single location, students can focus on a journey through locations. They may want to cover the sights along a favorite jogging path or the locations visited during a road trip.

  29. Go Outdoors
  30. For this topic, students can write about a favorite outdoor spot. They may want to discuss a favorite rock wall, waterfall or other attraction in the area.