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Help Me Take The Right Approach To Compose A Vietnam War Expository Essay

One of the most difficult topics in history classes to write an essay, term paper, or dissertation on is the Vietnam War.  Indeed, even freelance journalists or individuals working on their dissertation can struggle with this topic.  Given the personal attachment many people have to this topic, it is important to take a clear approach to writing such a homework project.     

5 Directions You Take the Right Approach to a Vietnam War Expository Paper

  •   Know Your Prompt.  Unless you are writing a dissertation, freelance article, or research paper, it is likely that you have some direction for your composition. For instance, the article may ask you to give a perspective on the changing American ideas about the Vietnam War from 1955 to 1975.  In your class, you may even have done a smaller homework assignment on this topic already.  If this is the case, you should use the work you have already done as a “springboard” for your new assignment. If this is not the case, you should begin your project by inspecting sources in an area that interests you such as the “Fall of Saigon.”
  • Research extensively.  Before deciding on whether to write on topics such as “the Battle of Long Tan” you must delve into the topic. Whether this is reviewing your class notes or reading a nonfiction book on the subject, the time you spend working beforehand will reap your great rewards when you write.  You will know your topic better, which will help you produce a better term paper or thesis and you it will help you finish the assignment quicker.
  • Verify all your information. In an expository essay, you must make sure that your sources are accurate and unbiased. If you are doing internet research, it is important to make sure that the website you are relying is verifiable.  After all, anyone can create a website.  The easiest way to make sure your information is unbiased and accurate is to check your sources before you read them.  Certain web pages are written and operated by College professors or colleges.  These can be great resources for your term paper.  
  • Investigate other viewpoints. Whether used or not in your assignment, it is important to inspect countervailing opinions for your work.  By knowing what other perspectives are on the use of “Agent Orange,” you will strengthen your article and you can address other valid viewpoints in your paper.  This demonstrates to the audience that you command the subject.
  • Keep yours writing objectively. When discussing the Vietnam War, it is important to keep your writing objective. Even decades after the war ended, many people still harbor strong feelings about the war.  

If you remember to follow these simple steps and plan carefully before you begin writing, there is nothing to stop you from writing a great expository paper.