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How to Make Your Essay Unique: Tricks for Aspiring Writers

Writers want readers to pay attention and keep reading until the end of their paper. This is especially true for students who are writing an admissions essay or a paper hoping to win a scholarship. It’s also true for any student wanting to earn a good grade on their paper. But what determines which writers will gain this skill? How do you write a polished piece that stands out and engages your reader? Follow these tips to find yourself at the top of the class and become the best essay writer:

  1. Style – this may include the way your writing flows along, the interest you inject so your reader doesn’t get bored, and the rhythm of your words. Try to vary the length of your sentences. Use transition words or phrases. Be expressive and use your creativity.
  2. Word choice – be precise with the meaning you are trying to convey. Choose your words wisely and find the best word to express the point or idea rather than one needing a lot of explanation or extra wording. Don’t ever use slang or regional expressions. Writing with confidence will help your reader believe in you and in the topic you are writing about.
  3. Voice – letting your natural voice shine through is especially important when writing for a college admissions requirement. Many colleges read the papers before they ever look at the applications, so think of it as a first impression. It’s how they get to know you initially before ever meeting you. Let your personality shine through. If you did homework in school, you won't have any issues with this statement. If not, just use this and get a professional help.
  4. First paragraph – this is perhaps the most important part of your essay, because not only does it introduce your topic to the reader, it’s also what initially grabs their attention. It must be your best writing. You may want to include a question to give your reader something to think about, and something to look forward to because they will want to know the answer. Alternatively, you could use a bold statement or an interesting quote.
  5. Make sure you aren’t boring or trying to be over impressive. This comes across as drab and dull and people won’t want to read it.
  6. Make sure you follow all the requirements of the assignment. You may wonder how this can make your paper unique but surprisingly, many students miss some important details. Your essay will rise to the top when your teacher sees you have fulfilled each requirement and can check them off one by one. These details may include word count, how pages are numbered, cover sheet, margin sizes, citations and references etc.
  7. Each person is entirely unique. You can use this knowledge to help make your writing unique. What is your style? What is your personality? What experiences have you had that make you unique? What do you do that’s unusual? What can you offer in your writing?
  8. Choose a topic that has a different twist on it. If you are looking for topic ideas online, don’t just choose one straight off a list. Hundreds of other students have probably written on the same topic already. Change it a little. Make it more focused.
  9. Give it some new perspective. Do something different. Create a little mystery. Add some intrigue. Approach something from the negative rather than the positive side to show people what is not rather than what is. This is a very effective yet seldom used strategy.
  10. Spend some time polishing up your writing. It should be correct and enjoyable to read. Don’t let spelling errors bring down the quality. Basic punctuation should also be present and correct, as well as proper grammar.